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Baby Boomer eMuseum collection

Hi!   Are you a Baby Boomer? Or did you absorb so much from your parents (or grandparents!) that you feel like one? Okay, how many of these classics from the '50s & '60s do you recognize? We've got 2742 entries so far, and are adding more as they come to mind. If any of the items here evoke memorable moments in your life, please log in and tell us about them! And if you think of items to add to this admittedly U.S.-centric collection (especially if you have photos), please click the "Submit an item" button found on most pages.

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On This Day in Boomer History: November 30

1955:  "Pipe Dream" opens at Shubert Theater New York City for 245 performances
1958:  WKBW TV channel 7 in Buffalo, New York (ABC) begins broadcasting
1964:  U.S.S.R. launches Zond 2 towards Mars; no data returned
1966:  Radio time signal WWV moves from Greenbelt, Maryland
1967:  Julie Nixon and David Eisenhower announce their engagement
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