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8mm home movie cameras & projectors 8mm home movie cameras & projectors

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Argus C3 rangefinder Argus C3 rangefinder

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Blue flash bulbs Blue flash bulbs

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Collapsible flash reflectors Collapsible flash reflectors Flash bulbs Flash bulbs

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Flashcubes and Magicubes Flashcubes and Magicubes

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Fotomat Fotomat

Contributed by LoyalTubist

Hasselblad 1000F Hasselblad 1000F Hasselblad 500 EL Data Camera Hasselblad 500 EL Data Camera Honeywell Strobonar electronic flash New! Honeywell Strobonar electronic flash

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Kodak Brownie cameras Kodak Brownie cameras Kodak Carousel slide projector Kodak Carousel slide projector

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Kodak Instamatic Kodak Instamatic

7 member comments

Kodak Retina IB Kodak Retina IB Nikon F Nikon F

2 member comments

Pentax cameras Pentax cameras

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Polaroid Cold-Clip Polaroid Cold-Clip The Polaroid Land instant camera The Polaroid Land instant camera

12 member comments

Polaroid Swinger Polaroid Swinger

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Roll film (120, 127, etc.) Roll film (120, 127, etc.)

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Slides and slide projectors Slides and slide projectors

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Yashica cameras Yashica cameras

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