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TV Guide
Remember when there were only a handful of TV channels? I enjoyed doing the TV Guide crossword
puzzle every week. And remember when there used to be Premiere Week every September? The
special issue covered all the new shows and the season premieres of returning shows.

Contributed by GlenEllyn

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Posted by Bob Matthews at 10:12 am (PST) on Thu January 25, 2018   
Casper Citron! There's a name I haven't heard for ages. Whatever his show was it was too adult for this wee tyke to care about. He was on radio too. Probably similar to radio's The Barry Gray Show back then.

Kup I vaguely recall -- can't forget a name like that -- but remember nothing.
Posted by paktype at 9:15 am (PST) on Thu January 25, 2018   
Bob Matthews: When I was a kid I thought "To Be Announced" was the name of a television show. I often wondered why it aired on so many different stations.

I loved TV Guide. Remember "Kup's Show" and "Casper Citron"? In later years, I used to do the crossword puzzle - it was so easy. I always tried to complete the puzzle by doing only the "downs". The clue I remember best was "He's Hawkeye".
Posted by LoyalTubist at 1:36 am (PDT) on Mon October 3, 2016   
The TV Guide week went from Saturday to Friday. A TV Guide day began at 6:00 AM. It would consider today's 4:30 AM news as being with the day before.
Posted by Bob Matthews at 1:54 pm (PDT) on Mon May 18, 2015   
Remember the frustration of looking up this or that favorite upcoming show and the only description was "To be announced"?
Posted by CJ at 8:15 am (PDT) on Thu May 14, 2015   
When our copy arrived...I'd call, "first dibs" on the crossword puzzle.
Posted by dtdavis2012 at 4:13 pm (PST) on Thu January 10, 2013   
Remember when TV Guide magazine was 15 cents?? Those were the good old days!!

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