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Thanksgiving-time showings of The Wizard of Oz on network TV
(1959-67 on CBS, 1968-75 on NBC, then on CBS again)
The Wizard of Oz
This, of course, was before VHS tapes, DVDs, cable movie networks, and Blockbuster Video.  You couldn't go out and rent any movie you felt like, but had to be content with whatever the three TV networks and the local independent stations chose to put on the air...  And the networks didn't show a whole lot of movies, each airing perhaps one prime-time movie weekly.

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Posted by GlenEllyn at 3:47 pm (PDT) on Sun April 14, 2013   
The first time I saw the Wizard of Oz in color was amazing. I couldn't wait to see Oz in color. I recall one year we were geared up to watch the Wizard and the power went out - boy, we're we disappointed!
Posted by Kids TV Kid at 4:47 am (PDT) on Sat April 13, 2013   
I remember seeing "The Wizard Of Oz" on CBS TV during
the fall of 1961. It was on the air on a sunday in November
and Mr. Dick Van Dyke (Who was beginning his stint as the
lead performer on "The Dick Van Dyke Show") was the host/
performer/narrator of the movie along with his wife and his

I enjoyed the movie and Mr. Van Dyke was wonderful as
the on camera host/performer/ a time..when these
films needed someone to entertain and inform the viewers in
between the screening of the film and promoting the sponsors.

Mr. Danny Kaye would serve as the host/performer and narrator
of the annual broadcasts of the movie from 1964 to 1967 and a
year later..1968..the rights to "The Wizard Of Oz" were sold to NBC
TV..where the NBC TV execs screened the film without a host..
until 1976..when CBS TV bought back the rights to the film.

CBS TV would also screen the film without a host..until 1990
when actress/singer and dancer..Ms. Angela Lansbury would
serve as the last on camera mc for the film's broadcast in 1990
and again in 1996.

CBS TV would air the film one more time in 1998 (An off camera
announcer would provide info about the making of the film during
commercial breaks) recent years..Turner Classic Movies,TNT,
WTBS, The Cartoon Network and..for a time..The Warner Brothers
TV Network have screened the movie..the only cable tv network that
still has on camera hosts introducing and providing info about the film
are..Mr. Robert Osborne and Mr. Ben Manewictz on TCM.
Posted by RonM at 11:00 am (PDT) on Thu April 11, 2013   
I grew up in the Philly area too and I seem to remember The Wizard of Oz always being on around Easter time.
Posted by dtdavis2012 at 4:52 am (PST) on Mon January 30, 2012   
I remember the first year I saw The Wizard of Oz in color. It was 1966 and I was eleven. The next door neighbors invited me and my sister over to watch it. The color was breath-taking! Two years later, we got to watch The Wizard of Oz on our own color set.
Posted by Max at 6:58 pm (PDT) on Sun May 24, 2009   
It was on the air closer to Hallowe'en from stations in Philadelphia. I thought they chose that time of year because of those terrifying flying monkeys. --Seize her! SEIZE HER!!!--

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