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Beany and Cecil
Beany and Cecil
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Posted by Duff at 12:12 am (PDT) on Mon July 29, 2019   
@GlenEllyn - Huh. I always thought it was Beanie. Fixed.
Posted by GlenEllyn at 7:10 pm (PDT) on Sun July 28, 2019   
It's actually BeanY and Cecil.


'll never forget Dishonest John and his tagline, Yuh, uh, uh!

One of my childhood favorites. Hard to believe it there was only one season of 26 episodes.
Posted by LoyalTubist at 4:42 pm (PDT) on Sat September 3, 2016   
Bob Clampett originally did this with puppets on a TV show that began in 1948 (with Stan Freberg as Cecil and Daws Butler as Beany) called "Time for Beany." It was a daily show on KTLA in Los Angeles.

The cartoon voices (in the ABC series were Irv Shoemaker as Cecil and Jim MacGeorge as Beany).
Posted by Scott Race at 11:35 am (PDT) on Tue May 12, 2015   
I loved that show; I was 6 at the time it aired in our area, and it was this show that gave me an appreciation for puns. There was a trip that they made through a desert and one of them had a "2 car mirage". There were also the other characters in between episodes of that day like Hareculeas, a rabbit with a scientific bent who had a rocket ship called a "Guided Muscle" I had a board game that came out about the same time as the Chatty Cathy dolls, which featured a hand puppet with a "Chatty" pull string that you pulled to get clues through out the game when you landed on the right spaces. Wish I still had it, it would probably be worth thousands now.
Posted by Devil's Advocate at 12:20 am (PST) on Sun February 19, 2012   
"Help, Cecil, Help!" "I'm comin', Beanie boy!!!!" One of my favorites growing up in the 60's.
Posted by packratjohn at 9:15 pm (PDT) on Thu May 12, 2011   
Wife and I didn't know each other existed back then, but both love B&C.

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