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Have Gun - Will Travel
with Richard Boone
Have Gun - Will Travel
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Posted by LoyalTubist at 12:15 pm (PDT) on Thu September 29, 2016   
Have Gun Will Travel was on TV from 1957 to 1963 and on radio from 1958 to 1960. It was NOT the first TV series to later become a radio series (there had been several before). The television and radio series had different casts.

Since the television series is still under copyright by CBS, most people haven't seen any episodes in recent history, and there are many sites online where episodes of the radio series can be dowloaded, free of charge, in MP3 format.

Richard Boone as Paladin
Kam Tong as Hey Boy (real name Kim Chang, he got this name as a waiter in the restaurant of the hotel where Paladin lived)
Lisa Lu as Hey Girl(a waitress)

John Dehner as Paladin
Ben Wright as Hey Boy (he was Paladin's valet, one can assume he started as a restaurant waiter)
Virginia Gregg as Miss Wong (a hotel maid)

The radio series has a final episode in which Paladin leaves San Francisco to return to his roots in Boston three years before the TV series goes off the air.
Posted by chrisbroz at 11:35 am (PDT) on Wed July 30, 2014   
I used to ride into the school yard on my horse every day (acting out TV westerns from the previous weekend)...of course the horse was imaginary....a "girl" I went to school with recently reminded me of that on Facebook - she thought it was 'cute' I was embarrassed, but proud that I grew up as a real boy - not a sissy...
Posted by Joyce at 2:49 pm (PDT) on Wed August 19, 2009   
Have Gun will travel;
Reads the card of a man.
A Knight without armor;
In a savage land.
Yes I was a real nerd. Loved my TV watched almost all of the shows in here. This is the first verus of Have Gun will Travel.
Posted by twozillas at 9:26 am (PDT) on Thu August 13, 2009   
When I was three I had a "Have Gun - Will Travel" card that my Mom got in a box of detergent. I remember flashing it around like I was Richard Boone.

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