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Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In
Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In
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Posted by Kids TV Kid at 6:25 am (PDT) on Sat May 18, 2013   
I remember when Poor Ms.Judy Carne got stripped to
her slip or her bra and panties in "The Sock It To Me"
segments of the show.
Posted by RonM at 10:37 am (PDT) on Sun April 7, 2013   
You lost me at the bakery. :)
Posted by Rivvy at 11:30 am (PDT) on Sat October 1, 2011   
Nixon..."sock it to me..."
Sahara Hotel band guys said when they appeared there they'd come in different sides of backstage, not speaking to one another...all dead now...lot of creativity in that time...
Posted by Max at 8:39 pm (PDT) on Thu August 20, 2009   
"Goodnight Dick" reminds me, as part of the "goodnight" rounds, Artie Johnson as the German soldier would say "Goodnight Lucy." Lucille Ball occupied the same time slot, so they were in competition for the audience.

You bet your sweet bippy!

Look at the picture. Smoking on television! I can't even remember if they had any tobacco sponsors; or were cigarette ads banned by that time?
Posted by Jillybean at 8:26 pm (PDT) on Thu August 20, 2009   
Say good night dick!!!!!!! i will never forget this show we as a family would watch it.
Posted by Lana at 7:22 am (PDT) on Fri August 14, 2009   
Goldie Hawn, Artie Johnson, Ruth Buzzi. So many greats to add up to a 60-minute laugh-a-thon. Thanks for adding this.

Posted by twozillas at 9:31 am (PDT) on Thu August 13, 2009   
How 'bout "Look that up in your Funk and Wagnels!"
Posted by Duff at 11:06 pm (PDT) on Wed August 12, 2009   
This program had a large impact on the popular culture, adding several catch-phrases to the vernacular. "Sock it to me", "Here come de judge", and "Verrrry interesting" come to mind, but I'm sure there were others.

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