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Plasticville buildings for model railroads
Plasticville towns/scenery for model railroads

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Posted by chrisbroz at 1:59 pm (PST) on Wed December 3, 2014   
I see Phil Rizzuto is alive & well...Holy Cow!!!!
Posted by Wingslinger at 1:32 pm (PST) on Wed December 3, 2014   
Oh, yes. Now I remember. I combined the church and the barn. HOLY COW!
Posted by Duff at 12:40 pm (PST) on Wed December 3, 2014   
Thanks, Tommie. I've created a separate American Bricks item in this gallery.
Posted by Duff at 9:48 pm (PST) on Tue December 2, 2014   
Bricks? I'm not sure we're talking about the same thing here. The Plasticville buildings I remember (and have to this day) came as thin plastic walls that snapped together at the corners. Some had green roofs, some red, some white. Very simple, not creative (unless, I supoose, you mixed the pieces of the school, church, barn, hangar, and so on).
Posted by chrisbroz at 7:37 pm (PST) on Tue December 2, 2014   
IIRC Plastic Bricks had a green firerboard sheet for a roof...couldda had red roof tiles, but I clearly remember my set had the green fiberboard or cardboard with an impressed shingle pattern.
Posted by Wingslinger at 6:47 pm (PST) on Tue December 2, 2014   
Maybe. Were those the white bricks with red slanty roof pieces? I think my friend had those.
Posted by chrisbroz at 9:35 pm (PST) on Mon December 1, 2014   
Tommie...I also had a few Erector day my dad brought home a footlocker full of rusty Erecetor set the time we'd played with those parts we'd completely rubbed the rust off onto our hands!!! They were amont the BEST toys a young boy of that era could possibly have...I also wanted a Chemistry set for years and finally got one around the age of 10 or if you had such a 'toy' DHS would brand you a 'terrorist' and order the local SWAT team execute your entire family just on GPs...I'd give anything to return to those days (fallout shelters or no) of youthful innocence and the 'Golden Age of Toys'

CB in FL
Posted by chrisbroz at 5:15 pm (PST) on Mon December 1, 2014   
You're exactly right on that, Tommie....I, too had hours of fun with them....actually, you're the first to remember them...most of my contemporaries don't (they may have never had a set or sets) but my wife does...and she's 9 years younger than I...I wouldda thought those toys were beyond her or after her time. They were among the first of the moulded plastic block construction toys, predating Lego by quite some time...The reason I thought of them is because of a friend who recently fostered (and may, hopefully adopt) a 9 mo old baby...the wife & I were looking for a first Christmas gift and my first thought was of toys I played with when I was a kid...but the "American Bricks" if I could find 'em, would be too advanced for his age...I'd love to give him a set when he turns 4 or 5 though...even if his folks held it until they felt he was old enough to appreciate them...we 'Boomers' lived in the 'Golden Age' of toys...COOL Toys!!! Thanx for the response!!!

CB in FL
Posted by chrisbroz at 7:36 pm (PST) on Mon November 24, 2014   
Anyone remember American Bricks??? It was sorta an early version of Lego (prolly where the designer of Lego got his idea of interlocking plastic blocks).

CB in FL

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