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Posted by Bob Matthews at 11:34 pm (PDT) on Mon July 27, 2015   
Shak and all: You can see this merry-go-round in action in the 1958 horror flick "The Colossus of New York."

I just watched the movie and thought, Where have I seen that recently? -- then recalled this thread!
Posted by notsteve at 12:28 pm (PDT) on Fri July 17, 2015   
A Disney ride engineer used his 40 year old Erector Set to make the prototype model for "Soarin' over California" at Disneyland.
Posted by shak at 5:18 am (PDT) on Thu July 16, 2015's a link to the inventory sheet for the 1950's era 10-1/2 Erector sets:

...and here's a link to a picture of the 10-1/2 box layout with pictures of the parts, and the part numbers:

Between the two might be able to figure out what is missing to build your Carousel. As you already know...EBay seems to be the best source for old parts.
One more the instructions for building the Carousel:

Posted by Duff at 11:27 pm (PDT) on Wed July 15, 2015   
I purchased a larrge set (#10-1/2??) on eBay several years ago and began constructing the carousel with my daughter, only to discover that the purportedly-complete set wasn't. Bummer!
Posted by shak at 7:07 am (PDT) on Wed July 15, 2015   
A few years back...I hauled out my 1953 Erector set and built the Ferris Wheel for the grand kids! They couldn't believe it really worked with a motor and a piece of kite string!
Posted by Bob Matthews at 6:46 pm (PDT) on Sat May 31, 2014   
Spent hours and hours and hours and hours... Smile
Posted by Duff at 3:25 pm (PDT) on Thu September 3, 2009   
A glaringly-inexcusable omission. Etch-a-Sketch is there now; thanks for the reminder!
Posted by Joyce at 12:44 pm (PDT) on Thu September 3, 2009   
What happened to Etch-A-Sketch. Or don't you guys remember that anymore.
Posted by Joyce at 3:23 pm (PDT) on Mon August 17, 2009   
These were so much fun as a kid growing up I had 3 older brothers who tauhgt me how to make things. This and Lincoln LOgs I loved hardly ever played with dolls as I played with all my brothers stuff.

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