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1966 Oldsmobile Toronado
first U.S. front-wheel-drive car since the 1937 Cord
1966 Oldsmobile Toronado

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Posted by GrandpaMike at 4:34 am (PDT) on Tue June 11, 2019   
I think it was in 2014, I was in Los Angeles and I made a stop at the Petersen Automotive Museum, on Wilshire Blvd.  It was my 2nd visit in about 5 years and I was so impressed to see all the cool cars. They had a 60s car display and the only one I really remember was a gorgeous burgundy color Toronado. The car was huge and just kind of overwhelmed everything else there.
Posted by kluv42 at 11:50 pm (PDT) on Sat August 18, 2018   
Years ago, my boss's boss (grandboss??) drove one of these monstrous cars...  

He was 6'7" and had long, long, long legs...  He had legroom to spare in this car.

I'm a more ordinary 6'0" and rode in his car once...  Felt like you could have a basketball game inside there!  In addition to the car's huge size, it had no center hump, since there was no need for one in this front-wheel drive car.

Very nice car...  Of course, the drawback is that wonderful MPG... not really.  I think it got about 7mpg. On a good day.  With the wind behind it.  :)
Posted by Chuck Kopsho at 11:26 am (PDT) on Thu March 30, 2017   
I remember this car. It was two years previous, that Oldsmobile would introduce the Olds Vista-Cruiser station wagon. Oldsmobile at the time was ahead of their time concerning the design of their vehicles.
Posted by Bob Matthews at 2:20 am (PDT) on Tue September 22, 2015   
Boy that's a beautiful looking car.
Imagine the sun hitting it on a cloudless day? Cool
Posted by paktype at 1:42 pm (PDT) on Tue March 13, 2012   
385 horses under the hood - good old Detroit...
Posted by packratjohn at 9:08 pm (PDT) on Thu May 12, 2011   
The local senator's daughter drove a 68 toronado. Every guys dream girl drove a dream car....
Posted by Duff at 1:47 am (PDT) on Wed October 14, 2009   
My family bought a new 1966 Olds Cutlass Supreme (gold with a black vinyl hard top -- very pretty) to replace our 1959 Ford Galaxie. I recall drooling over the Toronado on display in the dealer's showroom.

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