Classic Cars

Push-button automatic transmission
(mostly Chrysler and Edsel)
Push-button automatic transmission

Pushbutton automatic transmission

Contributed by glideair

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Posted by ozarkbob at 3:32 pm (PDT) on Wed March 13, 2013   
my drivers ed car had push button tranny, a plymouth 63 or 64, gas pedal release and brake on the passenger side too!, one girl also ran into the school building, it shook the teacher up pretty bad
Posted by Duff at 7:30 pm (PDT) on Mon September 3, 2012   
GlenEllyn - I suspect it was the latter; push-button meant modern. See the "Push-button plumbing" item in the Household Items gallery.
Posted by Alan at 6:45 pm (PDT) on Mon September 3, 2012   
Everything old is new again! The 2013 Lincoln MKZ has a push button transmission on the instrument panel. Suddenly it's 1956!

It was The Rambler Classic that had the push buttons, not the Rambler American.
Posted by GlenEllyn at 6:21 pm (PDT) on Mon September 3, 2012   
Do you ever wonder what the thinking was behind designing push-button transmissions? Did they think it was good to get the gear-shift out of the way? Or was it just that technology was moving us to a push-button world like the Jetsons?
Posted by princetonbound at 2:22 pm (PDT) on Mon September 3, 2012   
As a teens my friend and I were asked by partying adults to drive to the store for mix in her uncle's push button automatic. We got in it and laughed ourselves silly trying to figure out how to change gears. Even after it was pointed out by the uncle, we laughed to the store and back.
Posted by AliKaplan at 11:39 am (PDT) on Tue April 10, 2012   
I had a '63 Chrysler Newport 2 door with the buttons of the dash.. This year they moved the mirror off the dash and back where it belonged.. on the windsheild! I believe the '63 Rambler Americana (?) had those buttons on the dash as well.
Posted by dtdavis2012 at 9:34 pm (PST) on Tue February 7, 2012   
Back in 1967, we bought a used 1956 Dodge Coronet 4 door that had the push button transmission.
Posted by Scott T at 2:44 pm (PDT) on Tue August 2, 2011   
My neighbor had a Rambler Station Wagon with a push button tranny
Posted by packratjohn at 9:07 pm (PDT) on Thu May 12, 2011   
My Grandmother had this PB tranny in her huge Phoenix, mid-60s.
Posted by Former member at 3:00 am (PDT) on Sat May 1, 2010   
I owned a '64 Plymouth with Push button tranny

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