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Barber poles
Barber pole

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Posted by IOfferMyBentNickel at 8:22 pm (PST) on Fri December 25, 2015   
We still have a good-ole-fashioned barber shop with customary pole, at the shopping mall near me, and the barbers seem to be doing brisk business .

"Duff" I truly enjoyed reading your anecdote about the kids and their barber pole shenanigans. Well done!
Posted by packratjohn at 8:35 pm (PST) on Mon December 5, 2011   
My grandfather cut hair for years. During the 60s, I think we paid a quarter. Had a wooden barber pole for as long as I remember,
Posted by Gunny at 9:25 am (PDT) on Mon April 18, 2011   
I retired from the Corps nearly 10 years ago. The Barber Shops on Base (Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, NC) still display the pole outside.
Posted by Curd Hos at 10:46 am (PDT) on Sat October 9, 2010   
There is one in Rockland Ontario Canada - the last time I actually had a hair cut was in Beausejour Manitoba Canada and this Barber was wonderfull - he fussed for at least 30 minutes and I would slide into dreamland - it was so relaxing, he retired 1986.
BTW it was $8.00
Posted by Laura at 11:29 pm (PDT) on Sat September 26, 2009   
The barber shop first owned by my grandfather then by my uncle had one of these. I believe it can still be seen outside the shop that now, sadly, stands empty.
Posted by Evelyn at 8:47 pm (PDT) on Thu August 13, 2009   
We still see the odd one of these up north here.
Posted by Duff at 2:09 am (PDT) on Fri June 12, 2009   
I recall one of the NYC-area radio talk-show hosts (Jean Shepherd? No, he grew up in Hammond, Indiana) telling a story about growing up in Providence, Rhode Island, which he described as being a place where "they rolled the sidewalks up at 6 o'clock" and there was nothing for kids to do in the evening.

He and some friends decided that they wanted a barber pole, and arranged to purchase one from a local barber. As they were carrying it home, they were spotted by a police officer, who refused to believe that they had come by the barber pole legitimately and brought them to the police station. The boys produced the receipt and were allowed to go. Shortly thereafter, though, they were stopped by another policeman and brought back to the police station. At this point (or did it take one more round?) the desk sergeant had had enough. He got on the radio and said something like, "If you spot a bunch of kids carrying a barber pole, leave them alone; it's their barber pole."

So the kids ran home with the pole, and then went out and stole all the remaining barber poles.

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