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New York World's Fair (1964-65)
New York World's Fair (1964-65)

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Posted by Bob Wilson Jr at 10:16 am (PDT) on Thu June 23, 2011   
The best places to visit at this world's fair were the German and Mexican Pavilions. The German one featured a beer graden with an Oompah band, and the Mexicans served up delicious Tequila and Margaritas, and also featured a unique act of very short Natives twirling down from the top of a tall pole, hanging by their feet from what would today be called bungee cords.
Posted by Balonna at 8:27 am (PDT) on Wed June 22, 2011   
I remember the introduction of the push button phones, and strolling the German village.
Posted by NJMomma at 8:36 pm (PDT) on Mon April 18, 2011   
You may find this site interesting -

This shows you what has become of those structures from the fair. So sad.
Posted by golfdiva at 8:21 pm (PDT) on Fri March 18, 2011   
I only remember the picture phones and It's a Small World!
Posted by joemike at 11:05 am (PST) on Fri January 22, 2010   
was there so cool.imade the mistake of telling old folks on tour bus i was from dallas,Kennedy ad been killed in Nov.
Posted by Max at 3:03 pm (PST) on Tue December 1, 2009   
I don't remember the IBM Selectrics or the the Smoke Ring thing(?)

Do you remember the Pieta? Viewers passed through the exhibit on a slow moving walkway. It was lit with blue-white light. Some years later, when I heard the news from Rome that a crazy man attacked it with a hammer, it brought back the memory. IIRC that was the first (only?) time the Pieta had left its home.

One of the exhibits had pineapples growing outdoors on electric-heated ground.
Posted by Duff at 8:04 pm (PST) on Mon November 30, 2009   
Here's what I recall from the '64 World's Fair:

- the Unisphere
- IBM's pavilion, where visitors could use Selectric typewriters to translate text between English and Russian
- Bell System Picture-Phone telephone booths
- GM's Futurama show
- Pepsi's "It's a Small World" ride (now at Disney theme parks)
- General Electric's "Progressland" show
- Ford's "Magic Skyway" show
 THE SMOKE RING buttons (note the double "the")

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