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Popular children's names that aren't anymore

Audrey, Barbara, Betty,
Bonnie, Carol, Diane,
 Donna, Helen, Judy,
Linda, Nancy, Sandra,
Sharon, Susan...
Arthur, Frank, Fred,
George, Harry, Henry,
Howard, Jerry, Larry,
Louis, Neil, Richard,

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There are 13 comments for this item.

Posted by GlenEllyn at 5:31 pm (PST) on Wed January 3, 2018   
I freaked for a moment when I saw the image on the Fashion & Fads list next to Children's names - Susan Henry. That was my late sister's name.
Posted by freddo30 at 12:06 pm (PDT) on Wed March 23, 2016   
We had 6 Susans in my 6th grade class of 33 kids in room 33 ... Susan : B , G, H, J, K, T ca. 67-68.
Posted by Michael Giffey at 9:57 pm (PDT) on Sat October 26, 2013   
I always hated being called Mikey, but I was the youngest of three Michaels in our circle of friends. I refuse to answer to it anymore. Duff, Peg and Peggy are very old Nicknames for Margaret, used as early as the 17th century, it came from Britain, but i am not sure why.
Posted by Nerdylady at 12:09 pm (PDT) on Wed July 17, 2013   
hey, I'm a Susan and I'm still is my sister Barbara! Laughing
Posted by Duff at 1:54 pm (PDT) on Wed April 17, 2013   
Many people ask about my name, which is Duff. I was named after my great grandfather David. Actually, Duff is my middle name; my first name is Robert, but there were six Roberts in my elementary school class, so I went by my middle name and still do. I don't generally answer to Robert or Bob.

I've always wondered about the name Margaret. It seems to have many nicknames: Marge, Margie, Maggie, and Meg I understand... but Peg and Peggy? How did those get there?
Posted by RonM at 7:19 am (PDT) on Wed April 17, 2013   
I feel for the guy named Mickey. Try getting through the 60's with a name like Ronald and see how many geniuses think they're the first ones to call you "Ronald McDonald".
Posted by Thegimpman at 11:11 pm (PST) on Sat February 16, 2013   
My name is David. Call me that or Dave, but don't you ever call me "Davey"! LOL! There used to be a guy who called me Davey where I used to work and I hated it. I really liked the guy otherwise. I was still young (in my mid-20's) and he was in his late 40's and even though I hated it, out of respect to him, I never really mentioned it to him. It used to really irk me at first, but after awhile, I just accepted it. Nobody else ever called me Davey, at work or anywhere, but him. I never really knew how it got started. I just got used to it. The only good thing was that when I heard someone calling me Davey, I knew exactly who it was! :-)

Posted by dtdavis2012 at 7:37 pm (PST) on Sun February 10, 2013   
I recently got back in touch with a second cousin of mine who has just turned 60. I asked him what he went by--Bill or Billy. He told me that for years he went by Bill, but before he turned 60, he went back to Billy. I was Tommy for years, then Tom for twenty-something years and now, at 57, like Tommy again. But I answer to anything :)
Posted by Yesitsme at 1:44 pm (PST) on Sun February 10, 2013   
My given name is Patricia. Growing up I was Patsy. In adolescence I despised that, so became Pat. But now I'm embracing Patsy again.......not too many of us around anymore.
Posted by dtdavis2012 at 1:26 pm (PST) on Sun December 9, 2012   
My next door neighbors in 1968 had three children (1 boy and 2 girls):
Tajal was the boy; Appleoona and Harriet were the girls. Here's hoping they changed their names when they grew up!
Posted by RobynLee67 at 8:05 pm (PST) on Mon January 24, 2011   
I'm Robyn(with a Y) which hardly anyone would spell correctly. Also,People from the UK would Say "Robyn,Why that's a Boy's Name!"(The Horror!)
Posted by twozillas at 12:57 pm (PDT) on Sat August 15, 2009   
Born in 1954. I was saddled with the name "Mickey" (my real name). I was named after Mickey Vernon, first baseman for the Washington Senators. How many people think they are the first to sing "MIC-KEY MOUSE" when they hear my name? (Or, "Oh Mickey you're so fine"...) Drives me crazy!!
Posted by Max at 3:27 am (PDT) on Sat August 15, 2009   
Here is something the Social Security Administration does for our edification/entertainment:

You can find the popular baby names by rank for the last 130 or so years.

Here are the most popular boys & girls names for 1954 according to SSA, with #1 being most popular:

1 Michael Mary
2 James Linda
3 Robert Deborah
4 John Patricia
5 David Susan
6 William Debra
7 Richard Barbara
8 Thomas Karen
9 Gary Nancy
10 Charles Cynthia

Cynthia must have been regional. I remember more than one of every other kid's name; but I didn't meet my first Cynthia (Cindy) until I was eighteen.

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