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Fels Naptha soap
Fels Naptha soap

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Posted by GlenEllyn at 11:35 pm (PST) on Sun November 4, 2018   
When Fels Naptha stopped making their laundry soap, my mom started using these soap bars for doing laundry. She never waivered from using a Maytag wringer washing machine and would toss a bar in the tub instead of using something else.
Posted by Bob Matthews at 9:10 pm (PDT) on Sun May 20, 2018   
I hear ya CJ.
Posted by CJ at 6:07 pm (PDT) on Sun May 20, 2018   
Bob Matthews - What I find interesting how many things we used were later on declared to be a health risk. IMHO I think it is because as more and more of later generations started living in a so-called sterile bubble they now have a non-function immune system. It is like a needs exercise or it will atrophy (definition #2 - "gradually decline in effectiveness or vigor due to underuse or neglect.") Of course I can't blame them because without a working immune system EVERYTHING is harmful to them.
After 67 years of practice, my immune system is strong enough that I don't need to wipe everything with "sanitizing wipes" like people do now a days.
Just my opinion about today's "snowflakes".
Posted by Bob Matthews at 4:03 pm (PDT) on Sun May 20, 2018   
Interesting from WikiP:

"The inclusion of naphtha made the soap very effective for cleaning laundry and dissolving the contagious oil of poison ivy, but was removed as a cancer risk.

"It was often used as a home remedy in the treatment of contact dermatitis caused by exposure to poison ivy, poison oak, and other oil-based organic skin-irritants where they have touched the skin but not yet inflamed the area. When the soap contained its namesake naphtha washing the skin directly with the soap helped dissolve the toxin."

Dissolved the toxin. What a concept!
Posted by PKD at 1:52 pm (PDT) on Sun May 20, 2018   
We used it every time we went camping and hiking or worked in the garden to be sure we didn't get any poison ivy or poison oak when we were kids, and I used it on my kids, too. I now use it in my DIY laundry soap, and for removing stains from laundry, as well as to prevent any poisons from the great outdoors!
Posted by CJ at 1:11 pm (PDT) on Sun May 17, 2015   
My mom used it on me, the couple times I got poison ivy.
Posted by Eubean at 11:59 am (PDT) on Tue April 17, 2012   
This got rid of every odor and stain you could get on a kid. It removed skin, as well.
Posted by Bob Wilson Jr at 9:02 am (PDT) on Wed April 21, 2010   
Posted by Katbear at 9:10 pm (PDT) on Sun August 16, 2009   
My grandmother had that, too!

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