Laurel and Hardy
(Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy)
Laurel and Hardy

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Posted by kluv42 at 9:11 am (PST) on Mon November 25, 2013   
I've seen TONS of L&H!

Knowing a silent-movie collector, I have seen practically all of their silent flicks. Have also seen most of their talkies.

A huge number of their talkies (especially the shorter films) were remakes of their silents, some with few changes at all to the storylines... They had little need to change much for the new talkies, because most of their gags and famous lines were already used in the silents, and their voices fit the lines perfectly... All they had to do was speak the lines instead of titles going onscreen. Of course, the gags would usually be re-worked slightly...

Fave talkie: Sons Of The Desert
Fave silent: You're Darn Tootin' (film opens with this onscreen title: "The town band was playing its farewell performance; the audience had been demanding it for years!". This followed by "Stan and Ollie don't play by note nor by ear - they play by brute force!")
Posted by Kids TV Kid at 3:46 pm (PST) on Wed November 20, 2013   
Does anyone remember seeing Stan and Ollie in"Sons Of'
The Desert"(Where they try to sneak away from Ollie's mean
on screen wife Mae order for them to go to The Sons
Convention in Chicago)..or "Way Out West"..(where they try to
deliver a deed to a gold mine to a friend's daughter..but they're
tricked into giving the deed to a crooked saloon owner and his
equally crooked wife)?
Posted by Kids TV Kid at 3:43 pm (PST) on Wed November 20, 2013   
Yes..I've seen "Swiss Miss"..Duff..the boys did some funny
stuff..but..I didn't care for the musical subplot involving the
bickering show biz husband and wife.
Posted by Duff at 5:27 pm (PST) on Mon November 18, 2013   
They stopped making movies in the mid-1940s, but I enjoyed watching many of their films on TV with my dad, who was a big fan of theirs.

Did you ever see L&H's Swiss Miss (1938)? They play a couple of mousetrap salesmen who travel to Switzerland (because there's all that cheese there, there must be more mice, too). Anyhow, after being swindled out of their wares, they work as dishwashers in a hotel and take odd jobs, like moving a piano to a remote lodge so a composer can work in peace. Only trouble is, they must get the piano across a rope bridge, and halfway across they encounter a gorilla -- yes, a gorilla -- going the other way. Sorry, spoiler alert Tongue Out

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