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Bazooka bubble gum
Bazooka bubble gum

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Posted by MrMike44 at 5:49 am (PDT) on Mon April 24, 2017   
Did Bazooka Joe own an

Official Daisy Red Ryder Range Model 1938 Air Rifle BB Gun?

Posted by Bob Matthews at 2:10 pm (PDT) on Mon September 5, 2016   
Recalling now how over the years the Bazooka gum piece got smaller, and smaller...
Posted by Robert Hutchison at 1:49 pm (PDT) on Tue August 30, 2016   
Yeah, thanks for the clarification! But, sad to say, I quit buying Bazooka and started buying bubble gum baseball cards early in the 1950s when my favorite player was Mickey Mantle of the Yankee and I spent I do not remember how much just to FIND his baseball card and all my other Yankee favorites (I did finally find one, but sadly all my baseball cards were thrown away by my parents, and my Mickey Mantle cards was worth around a thousand dollars...
Posted by Robert Hutchison at 1:43 pm (PDT) on Tue August 30, 2016   
What I remember most about Bazook gum was the white powder and the comics inside! And we used to have bubble gum contests to see who could get the most gum in the mouth and chew it and see who could blow the biggest bubble...
Posted by Scott Race at 8:50 pm (PDT) on Sat August 27, 2016   
Bazooka Joe was the kid with the baseball cap and eye patch. Mort was the one with the turtle neck.
Posted by Dolly at 8:50 pm (PDT) on Mon May 9, 2016   
I thought the kid in the turtleneck was Bazooka Joe at least that's what we called him in NYC
Posted by Scott Race at 8:17 am (PDT) on Sat May 16, 2015   
The boy with his turtle neck pulled up over his face was "Mort".
Posted by Bob Matthews at 4:03 pm (PDT) on Fri May 15, 2015   
That pink gum had a sweet fragrance unlike any other. Baseball card flat gum smelled great, too. I loved the comics AND the gum.

Also, I seem to recall a Bazooka boy character that wore his polo shirt pulled up over half his face.
Posted by Scott Race at 9:35 am (PDT) on Tue May 12, 2015   
I got one of the premiums that they advertised on the comics, which were free, plus shipping and handling if you had enough comics to submit, and $.50 if you didn't, along with 5 comics. I got the little sub that shot torpedos at little ship that flew into about 4 pieces when you hit it right.
Posted by unclekipsy at 8:42 am (PST) on Wed December 4, 2013   
Yup.....a penny a piece in the 1960's. Our barber gave them to the kids after we got our .75 cent haircut (plus .25 cent tip). He would always slick up our hair with Wildroot....some type of "hair tonic". (?). At home we used gel if I remember......"A lil dab will do ya". LOL !!!
Posted by Kat at 11:07 pm (PST) on Sun December 5, 2010   
Five cents was for a pack,I think it had six pieces.
Posted by Good Golly Miss Molly at 11:05 pm (PDT) on Fri November 5, 2010   
Didn't care to much for the gum but I loved the comics, I remember paying 2c each...
Posted by WJV1955 at 3:10 pm (PDT) on Fri July 30, 2010   
I remember it costing a penny a piece in the early 1960's, not sure when it cost a NICKLE???
Posted by micky at 10:14 pm (PDT) on Sat March 20, 2010   
great gum, funny comics can still buy it tdy
Posted by Former member at 3:45 pm (PST) on Tue March 2, 2010   
boy my brother bought this gum because he liked the commics inside

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