Janis Joplin
"Piece of My Heart", "Me and Bobby McGee", "Cry Baby"
Janis Joplin

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Posted by Bruno at 5:26 pm (PDT) on Fri April 7, 2017   
Remember Bill Bennett... conservative and Reagan Administration Sec. of Education.

Can you believe he once dated Janis Joplin. Just once.
Posted by Tarakian10 at 6:01 pm (PDT) on Sat July 2, 2016   
I saw Janis and Big Brothers Holding Co. in Lewisville, Texas right after Woodstock and the Monterey Pop Festival. It was on Labor Day in 1969 and this was a wild time called "The Texas International Pop Festival". Acid sold for $1 dollar and it was LEGAL. There was maybe 20,000 people at the Speedway here. Tickets were $8.00 per day or $18.00 for the three day weekend. Janis sang her heart out. I heard that she went home to Beaumont, Texas after her concert. We saw Led Zepplin, Country Joe McDonald, Crosby, Stils, Nash, & Young, Richie Havens, and many, many more. It may not have been Woodstock, but was TERRIFIC during 1969 the best of times
Posted by freddo30 at 4:17 pm (PDT) on Wed April 27, 2016   
When I think of her I can't help but think of Cass Elliot in the crowd at Monterey '67 mouthing the words : "Wow, wow" .... people my say she was a one trick pony or not so great or like somebody else better, but Janis died before she had a chance to do very much in and for the public so that's not fair.
Posted by Irlish Donna at 2:51 pm (PST) on Mon February 17, 2014   
I think Janis Joplin is HIGHLY over rated....her band was great, but she acted like an animal at times on stage. She was so full of herself and thought she was high and mighty. When she returned to Texas for a reunion, NO ONE there cared about her or her "fame"....she didn't seem like a loving caring person at self centered. She was a fair's beautiful Linda Ronstadt that was and still is an AMAZING singer!
Posted by Devil's Advocate at 12:39 am (PST) on Sun February 19, 2012   
1967----Summer of Love Was 14, had the world at my feet. Janis Joplin, beach, van, mai tai's, bell bottoms, peace signs, keep on truckin'.............
Posted by Rivvy at 3:19 am (PDT) on Mon July 18, 2011   
Gotta match? Not since Janis died...late jazz tenor player husband used to say there was no such thing as a jazz singer....never mind...but I played Janis and he took it back...she never sang a note she didn't mean..."there's always gonna be a big huge bulk of straight people that aren't goin' for it" ok I did some clothes and new some bands...why doI keep getting people calling me Janis, who knows...40 years later...Intruder?...One night good man..."It was prety funky, man, but it wasn't the jungle..."
Posted by Max at 11:35 pm (PST) on Sun November 15, 2009   
*On this day, [November 15] 1969:
Janis Joplin accused of vulgar and indecent language in Tampa, Fla.*

I don't know who accused her but, according to the standards of Tampa, 1969, she was most likely guilty. (I picked this gem up from the home page of this website.)

The earthly remains of Bessie Smith reposed in an unmarked grave until Janis had a monument engraved for her. It called Bessie the greatest Blues singer. The whole quote and maybe even a picture can probably be found with a bit of diligent web-searching.

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