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Posted by Duff at 11:09 am (PDT) on Wed July 7, 2021   
All this talk about concerts and music festivals got me thinking about the parties (weddings, etc.) I've attended where the bands played way too loud and refused to turn it down, even when requested by the party hosts.

Seems to me that the band could be contractually obligated to plug their amplifiers into a special power strip that would have a built-in sound level sensor that would cut off the power if the band's volume exceeded a level chosen by the venue, party planner, and host. I even have a name for the power strip: The EarPlug.

What do you think?
Posted by AliKaplan at 8:16 pm (PDT) on Sun July 21, 2013   
Should have been at Woodstock but I had a wedding to attend, my own on August 17, 1969. Like I said, I should have been at Woodstock, the marriage was a bust.
Posted by Duff at 6:42 pm (PDT) on Sun July 21, 2013   
Hi, Ali. Yeah, I never found a satisfactory hippie photo, but have now got a decent one, I think. And I've added "flower children" to the item title to cover the bases.
Posted by AliKaplan at 2:45 pm (PDT) on Sun July 21, 2013   
These look more like flower children to me ;-)
Posted by Nerdylady at 12:17 pm (PDT) on Wed July 17, 2013   
next came the Age of Aquarius!
Posted by Marel at 10:10 pm (PST) on Mon January 17, 2011   
Yes, twozillas, exactly like me! Only maybe I was 14. I had older friends, and we talked about driving up from Nova Scotia, but I still wouldn't have been allowed to go. They couldn't have hacked it, but I would have loved it!
Posted by joemike at 5:48 pm (PST) on Tue January 19, 2010   
I was there and Atalanta Pop fest and th one i n Dallas in Lewisville i sold tickets there. Sold don Merideth dallas cowboys quaterback a bag ha lol. Great days
Posted by Rick223 at 5:20 pm (PDT) on Thu August 27, 2009   
that's me was an orignal hippie at woodstock wish I could go back it was the best time of my life
Posted by Duff at 7:00 am (PDT) on Sun August 16, 2009   
Actually, I think it's the 40th.

I didn't get to Woodstock, either, but I did attend the big "Summer Jam" concert at the Watkins Glen (NY) racetrack in 1973. Just three bands: The Allman Brothers, The Band, and the Grateful Dead. Great concert!
Posted by Nanc at 9:14 pm (PDT) on Sat August 15, 2009   
Happy 50th Anniversary, Woodstock! I was just a little kid :)
Posted by twozillas at 1:08 pm (PDT) on Sat August 15, 2009   
I wish I had a time machine and could go to the Woodstock festival. Didn't get to go. Regretted it for the past forty years. I never understood why my parents wouldn't let me hitch-hike up to NY state. After all, I was all of 15 years old!

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