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Chock Full o' Nuts 'heavenly' coffee
Chock Full o' Nuts
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Posted by unclekipsy at 9:01 am (PST) on Wed December 4, 2013   
"........better coffee, milionaires, money can't buy". Heck.....I hated coffee but remember the commercials !! LOL !!
Posted by Rick Molis at 6:26 am (PDT) on Sat June 8, 2013   
Still buy it at New Egypt market.
Posted by janice at 6:01 pm (PDT) on Thu April 4, 2013   
The coffee is still around. That was my mom's brand in FL. A CFUN restaurant recently opened in NYC on 23rd St but it's closed already.
Posted by Bob Matthews at 11:31 am (PST) on Sat February 16, 2013   
How many remember hearing the original jingle that went

". . . better coffee Rockefeller's money can't buy"?

They changed it to "a millionaire's" when the family threatened to sue!
Posted by HenryM at 8:20 am (PST) on Sat February 16, 2013   
Amusingly, these days, Chock Full O' Nuts coffee has this written on the plastic lid: "NO NUTS! 100% Pure Coffee." Apparently, some younger consumers incorrectly assumed that something named "Chock Full O' Nuts" actually contained nuts.
Posted by SUBSURF at 8:39 am (PDT) on Tue June 21, 2011   
Chock Full o' Nuts Cofee House is making a comeback. The recently opened on 23rd St in Manhattan.

THE HEAVENLY COFFEE eeeeek mac and cheese is almost FIVE DOLLARS with tax
Posted by Joisey Gene at 10:06 am (PDT) on Sun July 18, 2010   
.♪♫♪♫♪....Chock full o' nuts is a heavenly coffee,..better coffee a millionaire's money can't buy ! ...♪♫♪♫.
Posted by Bob Wilson Jr at 9:35 pm (PDT) on Tue April 20, 2010   
I used to have lunch at the Chock Full o'Nuts shop ont Lexington bet. 43rd and 44th Street in Manhattan almost every day. Their cream cheese sanwiches on Nut Bread were great.
After his baseball days, Jackie Robinson became an executive for the company, and since corporate HQ was right above this store, I used to see him coming and going frequently.
Posted by Max at 12:39 am (PDT) on Sat September 12, 2009   
Are there still Chock Full o'Nuts coffee shops?
In the city they were on the ground floor of office buildings.
There were also a few stand-alone buildings with that ornamental crooked chimney on the roof.
Posted by Lana at 5:19 pm (PDT) on Wed August 12, 2009   
I still love Chock Full o' Nuts. It's the best coffee.


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