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Falstaff, Rheingold, and Knickerbocker beers
   Falstaff, Rheingold, and Knickerbocker beers

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Posted by LoyalTubist at 4:25 pm (PDT) on Mon August 29, 2016   
Don't forget Brew 102. Its brewery was adjacent to Chinatown on the banks of the Los Angeles River (in L.A., of course!)
Posted by Chuck Kopsho at 12:26 am (PDT) on Sun July 24, 2016   
There was a brewery here in SoCal that put out a beer called Padre.
Posted by IOfferMyBentNickel at 2:03 pm (PST) on Sun February 14, 2016   
Thanks for posting the link to the very interesting Forbes article. Stroh's was one of my favourite beer beverages when I consumed beer back-in-the-day.
Posted by chrisbroz at 2:30 pm (PST) on Sat January 16, 2016   
I remember Stroh's beer...but at the time I despised the wasn't uintil three months before my 40th b'day (Aug 1989) in Berlin, Germany that I actually liked the stuff...Haven't seen Stroh's in's a link from Forbes erplaining the Fall of the House of Stroh:
Posted by Robert Hutchison at 3:48 am (PST) on Thu January 7, 2016   
Stroh's was a midwest beer mostly and so when I went to Dunwoody in Minneapolis that was the first time I heard of Stroh's. Hamms was a beer name I was more familiar with and the Hamm's commercials were aong my favorites even though I did not drink beer!
Posted by Chuck Kopsho at 10:18 pm (PST) on Wed January 6, 2016   
Also, remember Stroh's brewery?
Posted by Chuck Kopsho at 9:23 pm (PST) on Wed January 6, 2016   
Remember the Hamm's commercials with the bear? Hamm's, the beer refreshing!
Posted by CJ at 10:00 am (PDT) on Tue June 2, 2015   
While stationed at Scott Air Force (just across the river from St. Louis) I drank my share of Falstaff. The name Papa JoeGriesedieck had a nice ring to it.
Posted by Scott Race at 9:10 am (PDT) on Tue May 12, 2015   
Falstaff had a brewery in Michigan, in the thumb area. Along with Falstaff, they canned the Generic beer of the 80's, as well as novelty beers like M*A*S*H and Billy Beer.
Posted by chrisbroz at 7:38 am (PST) on Thu January 22, 2015   
Hey Getcha Cold Beer, Hey Getcha Ballantine, Hey Getcha cold, cold beer...getcha ice cold Ballantine Beer!!! Still waitin' on folks to respond to "Who remembers Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks shilling for Ballantine as the 2000 year old Brewmaster"...and in further trivia, who remembers their 'Limerick' commercial??? Who also remembers the Totem' Home Plenty" beer commerical (IIRC, Budweiser) the days before all this 'politicall correctness' crapola???

CB in FL
Posted by BARRYC at 11:49 am (PST) on Thu January 8, 2015   
My uncle and cousin drank Stag.I hated it!Did you know that Playboy magazine was going to be named Stag,but the beer company put up a fuss over it so they named it Playboy.
Posted by Alan at 5:46 am (PST) on Thu January 8, 2015   
Here in the Mid-West, the "dry beer" was Stag!
Posted by unclekipsy at 5:33 am (PST) on Thu January 8, 2015   
At Shea the vendors yelled, " Beer Here". Pops would buy too many Rheingolds and root for the Dodgers (we predominantly went to Dodger games as he was a Dodger fan out of Flatbush) .......the Mets fans would boo him. My brother and I would tell him to sit down and we yelled, "Let's Go Mets". I hated to see Koufax pitch against the Mets.....pretty much a guaranteed loss. Back then the Mets were "The Lovable Losers" Dad called them "Bums"...esp. when Ron Swoboda played ! We moved from Brooklyn to Queens in 1963, but Dad was always a loyal Dodger fan in his heart ! Great memories !
Posted by Bob Matthews at 11:28 pm (PST) on Wed January 7, 2015   
"Hey, getcha cold beer!"
"My beer is Rheingold the dry beer..."
"Schaefer... is the... one beer to have...."
Posted by chrisbroz at 3:38 pm (PST) on Wed January 7, 2015   
Uncle Kipsey...That Ballantine Beer Jingle tune was ripped from a popular song of the time sung by Dean Martin (forget the song itself, but can hear it in the windmills of my mind,,,Now ya done it, bro!!! I'll be singing that damn song all night long!!!
Posted by chrisbroz at 3:33 pm (PST) on Wed January 7, 2015   
Was it Schaeffer that advertised its beer as the "10 minute head" beer??? IIRC Rheingold strated out sponsoring the Mets, but a few yeasrs later Schaeffer became the sponsor....Ballantine was the Yankee's sponsor for the longest time and rumor has it that the late Mel Allen, was canned for taste-testing too many of 'em on the beginning of Baseball season, a guy would deliver a box of booklet formatted Yankee schedules to my dad's Fort Lee, NJ, TV repair shop...TV & radio repair...yet another trade made extinct by today's disposable electronics...

CB in FL
Posted by Alan at 2:38 pm (PST) on Wed January 7, 2015   
"Mabel, Black Label."
Posted by unclekipsy at 1:02 pm (PST) on Wed January 7, 2015   
Tune on the commercial:
"Take a ring, and then another ring and another ring, till you got 3 rings, Ballentine.....and now it's's a very special glass of beer".

Dad just drank Schaefer and Rheingold....and LOTS of it !!
Posted by Robert Hutchison at 12:50 pm (PST) on Wed January 7, 2015   
I wonder how many beers were on the market in the 50s and 60s and how many are still being brewed today? Was never much of a beer drinker (legal age 1963) but I did like the commercials, especially the Hamm's ones...
Posted by BARRYC at 3:03 pm (PST) on Mon January 5, 2015   
In reply to Alan about the streetcars:The streetcars only ran east to downtown St.Louis.They stopped running in 1966.The busses ran in all directions and still brought shoppers in from all over St.Louis County.It was shoplifters and other low lifes that moved in in the late sixties that brought Wellston down.
Good people like myself and later my parents moved out because it was no longer safe to live there.It gets worst all the time.Two years ago the ex chief of police and the chief of police pulled guns on each other.The story made the t.v. news,and bad stories about Wellston are still hitting the news.
Posted by chrisbroz at 2:28 pm (PST) on Mon January 5, 2015   
Knock, Knock for Knick...Knickerbocker Beer...Used'ta be a Knickerbocker Beer billboard alongside the street in Fort Lee, NJ, I lived on in the earlly 50s...saw it every day on my walk home from school...
Another forgotten beer from the NYC area...Ballantine Beer...used to sponsor the Yankees...BTW does anyone remember the radio commercialsd feasturing Mel Brooks as the 200 YO Brewmaster??? Can't find 'em anywhere on Google...ANYWHERE!!!
Posted by Alan at 7:28 pm (PST) on Sun January 4, 2015   
Barry C, I know Wellston quite well. I remember back in the fifties when it was the big shopping area. I lived nearby. The demise of the streetcar killed Wellston.
Posted by BARRYC at 6:39 pm (PST) on Sun January 4, 2015   
I used to drink Falstaff beer at a small nice bar on our street.That was back in the late sixties.It was 35 cents for a 12 oz. bottle and 20 cents for the small bottle.I mostly drank the small bottles.I thought it was really good beer.Those were the last of the good old days in my wonderful home town of Wellston,Mo.Now it's one of the worst
places in Mo. to live in.It's so sad,but I had my good days there with my friends that I grew up with.
Posted by unclekipsy at 9:10 am (PST) on Wed December 4, 2013   
"My beer is Rheingold, the dry beer. Ask for Rheingold where ever you buy beer."
( I forgot the next 2 lines ) It's the 10-minute head, Rheingold beer". --- Dad got plastered after work drinking boatloads of Rheingold !
Posted by Alan at 1:33 pm (PST) on Tue February 7, 2012   
Sheryl Crowe, who for a time lived in St. louis, mentions Falstaff in her song, "All I Wanna Do."
Posted by Alan at 1:29 pm (PST) on Tue February 7, 2012   
Falstaff was a St. Louis beer that, in the day, gave Anheuser-Busch a run for their money. It was because of competition from Falstaff that Busch introduced Busch beer, as a lower priced alternative to Budweiser, in 1955. My dad was not much of a beer drinker, but when he bought beer, it was always Falstaff. He was thrifty!
Posted by Bob Wilson Jr at 9:53 am (PDT) on Thu September 1, 2011   
A rarely mentioned NYC beer from back in the Ruppert's Knickerbocker times, was "R&H", from the Rupson and Horman Brewery on Staten Island. And who remembers Beverwyck, brewed up near Albany. Their slogan was "Better Buy Beverwyck".
Posted by HenryM at 7:48 am (PDT) on Thu September 1, 2011   
The melody to the Rheingold commercials of the 1950s and 1960s (referenced above) is the "Estudiantina Waltz" by the French composer Paul Lacome; it was written in 1881.
Posted by WJV1955 at 3:17 pm (PDT) on Fri July 30, 2010   
Posted by Bob Wilson Jr at 9:27 pm (PDT) on Tue April 20, 2010   
"My beer is Reingold, the dry beer,
Think of Reingold whenever you buy beer '
It's not bitter, not sweet,
It's a dry-flavored treat,
Won't you try extra-dry Reingold Beer?"
Posted by Katbear at 8:47 pm (PDT) on Sun August 16, 2009   
Where I was from (Louisville Ky), there was Falls City Beer. It's what my dad drank.
Posted by Max at 11:52 am (PDT) on Sat May 16, 2009   
Rheingold had a tune that would stick with you.

I also remember Piels and Ortleibs beers; maybe they were regional (Delaware Valley) or still around, though I have not seen either for some time.

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