Elevator operators
Elevator operator Elevator operator

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Posted by freddo30 at 7:02 pm (PDT) on Thu April 7, 2016   
How about the little round stool for the operator
Posted by CJ at 3:03 pm (PDT) on Sun May 17, 2015   
In the early 70's Mirro Aluminum in Manitowoc, WI and Egger's Plywood in Two Rivers, WI still had an employee who's only job was operating the manual frieght elevators. While working at Eggers I had to take over for the operator when he went on vacation. It took me awhile to get the hang of getting it to line up with the floor. Down too far - darn! went up too much, dang! darn too far again...FINALLY!!! LOL
Posted by Bob Matthews at 3:41 pm (PDT) on Thu July 10, 2014   
Never understood why every elevator operator man looked like he came from an old age home.
Posted by kluv42 at 11:37 am (PST) on Fri November 9, 2012   
"Hi, Mr. Elevator Man... How's your day going?"

"It has had its ups and downs..."

Anyway, I lived in the Portland area until a couple months ago, and at least a couple of the older buildings downtown have those accordion-style elevator doors... But no operators.
Posted by paktype at 2:11 pm (PDT) on Wed July 13, 2011   
The Supreme Court building located at 80 Centre Street in downtown Manhattan still has an elevator operator. The building was recently renovated, the elevators too, but they still use the operator. Good stuff.
Posted by Duff at 10:21 am (PST) on Mon December 20, 2010   
A quick Google search reveals:

Renovations spare elevator man's job

So there's at least one out there.
Posted by Bob Wilson Jr at 8:25 am (PST) on Mon December 20, 2010   
The last place I remember seeing them was at the old B. Altman emporium at 34th and Madison in Manhattan, but that was back in about 1970. It was always amusing to see how the operator used that rotating handle to line up the floors before he or she pulled open the gate.
Posted by Duff at 11:09 pm (PST) on Sun December 19, 2010   
I have a nagging feeling that, somewhere, there are still elevators with those accordion gates, and they've probably still got operators. Maybe some hotels, or large department stores?
Posted by Bob Wilson Jr at 10:06 pm (PST) on Sun December 19, 2010   
Last place I ever worked that had elevator operators was in an old skyscraper office building at 295 Madison Avenue, corner of 41st Street, in Manhattan, back in 1959.

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