NYC-area TV/Radio

Children's Theater
Weekday evenings/Saturday Mornings 1949-Saturday 6/17/1961
Ray Forrest
Host/interviewer/Producer/Writer/Creator: Ray Forrest
Film features: "Encyclopedia Britantica" and "Crusader Rabbit"(The 1957 Color tv

Contributed by Kids TV Kid

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Posted by Mr.TVK at 6:38 pm (PDT) on Sun March 12, 2017   
I'm sorry Bob..But..I don't seem to recognize the tune?
Posted by Bob Matthews at 5:54 am (PST) on Fri March 10, 2017   
Here's the "Ship Ahoy!" theme song (my upload). Anyone know the name?
Posted by Mr.TVK at 12:25 am (PST) on Fri March 10, 2017   
I'm sorry..Bob..But..I don't Remember the theme music
for"Ship Ahoy!".
Posted by Bob Matthews at 3:04 pm (PST) on Thu March 9, 2017   
That's it!
The reason Ship Ahoy! holds a special (though very vague) memory was not only did I watch it all the time but my mother actually took me down there to audition for the show (didn't make it).

I can still hear the show's theme song - a catchy tune in the style of Leroy Anderson - but I cannot recall its name. Any idea?
Posted by Mr.TVK at 12:43 am (PST) on Thu February 16, 2017   
"Ship Ahoy"was a live musical review that featured
an adult performer..who played a Commadore and
had a crew of kids performing musical numbers.

The series was seen on sunday mornings on
WCBS TV Ch.2 in NYC during the early 1950's.
Posted by Bob Matthews at 8:23 am (PST) on Mon December 5, 2016   
Do you remember it? What can you tell me about it?
Posted by Mr.Nostalgia2 at 10:29 pm (PST) on Fri December 2, 2016   
No..Bob..another'd"Ship Ahoy"on WCBS TV Ch.2
in NYC.
Posted by Bob Matthews at 10:44 pm (PDT) on Wed April 20, 2016   
Anyone recall an early 1950's NewYork children's TV show called "Ship Ahoy!"?
It had a very brief run. Ray Forrest may have been the host.

--edit: he wasn't, at least according to Wiki.
It was sort of a talent show for kids with a nautical theme about it.
Amazing how I remember this show yet nobody else I've ever asked does!

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