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Murray the K

Murray "the K" Kaufman

Scott Muni

Scott Muni

Cousine Brucie

Bruce "Cousin Brucie" Morrow

Listen to a show from Nov. 1967 (be patient; loads slowly)

Alan Freed

Alan "Moondog" Freed

Dan Ingram

Dan Ingram

Listen to a show from Jan. 1968 (be patient; loads slowly)


Bill "Rosko" Mercer

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Posted by paktype at 9:19 am (PST) on Thu January 25, 2018   
Cousin Brucie is now 82 years old and he is still on the air! He does a nightly show on Channel 6 on Sirius Satellite Radio, which is "60's on 6". Still has the same "cousins" shtick, even though the Brooklyn he espouses is long gone.
Posted by Bob Matthews at 3:29 pm (PST) on Wed January 7, 2015   
Dan Ingram, the Ingram Thingram, laughing and scratching, "on the Dan Ingram Show -- Charge!!"

Ingram had a perfect working relationship between his brain and his mouth. He was amazing to hear. If you couldn't listen all 4 hours at least you had to catch his unique 2:05 PM openers and 6:00 PM closers. Each day was something different... a funny little story, anecdote, over that iconic theme music. Have heard him say his WABC debut was being a fill-in -- and then replacement -- for Chuck Dunaway. "Dunaway went thataway."
Posted by chrisbroz at 7:20 pm (PST) on Mon November 24, 2014   
IIRC Scott Muni went to WPLJ when it became an FM Album station...again, IIRC one of the first, if not THE first FM station to do so.

CB in FL
Posted by andrew fernandez at 2:45 pm (PDT) on Sun March 18, 2012   
i bet u dont remember chuck dunaway? he was on wabc in the early 60s. after he left wabc,he owned a couple of radio stations in the mid west.
Posted by Duff at 8:37 am (PDT) on Mon June 27, 2011   
According to a friend of mine who has worked in the NY radio scene for years:

"There were a lot of Johnny Darks running around the country during top 40's heyday. The one in New York was on WMCA in the mid '60s. He is deceased at the present time."
Posted by SUBSURF at 10:39 pm (PDT) on Sat June 25, 2011   
The live streaming context that will be broadcast this July 4th week. Promises to be exceptional.

i have listen to the clips you have here
Posted by Bob Wilson Jr at 7:28 am (PDT) on Sat June 25, 2011   
Subsurf -
The Johnny Dark you site was not the one I met. "Mine" was flourishing in New York in about 1964-1965, but I can't remember what was his radio outlet.
Posted by Duff at 2:10 am (PDT) on Sat June 25, 2011   
Have you heard the various Ingram outtakes posted on the web? Check 'em out here and there. If you know of others, I'd love to hear 'em.
Posted by SUBSURF at 9:31 pm (PDT) on Fri June 24, 2011   
BTW for those interested, Dan Ingram"s 50th anniversary in broadcasting is NOW.
Here's a couple of website "URL"s dedicated to that. The "rewoundrodio" website will have streaming retrospect s of actual DAN INGRAM broadcasts, from his heyday at WABC MUSICRADIO77 and WCBS FM this July 4th weekend. Hey, that's next weekend, isn't it? BOOKMark THESE SITES AND ENJOY.


Posted by SUBSURF at 9:21 pm (PDT) on Fri June 24, 2011   
I remember Johnny Dark but, only from his days at WNBC. Here's some info.

Johnny Dark

So in the winter of ‘78, Johnny made a (literally) choked-up farewell on the air, and left WRKO for New York's WNBC/660. "WNBC... had the pleasure of working for Bob Pittman (now the CEO of AOL and one of the richest people in America... way to go Bob!) and thanks for giving me my break in New York! And John Lund... a great programmer who finally took us from the next 1... to number one in New York!”

But it was back to Beantown in 1985, as Dark segued to Boston’s WHTT/103.3, playing the hot hits at the former CBS-owned FM (now WODS).

In 1988, he realized the dream of so many of us in owning a station, WHQO “Your Headquarters for Oldies – Oldies 108” in Skowhegan, Maine. But the sun and fun capitol of the world, South Florida, once again beckoned in 1989, where he took to the airwaves as the second jock hired on the new on WFLC, where he's been for almost 10 years, likely a longevity record for any disk jockey at the same station. Hardly any jock stays at the same station for more than a few years these days, but as Johnny tops ten, he “wouldn’t mind staying another ten years. I respect what the station is doing and what they’re playing. WFLC...the South Florida's Coast...great station... very misunderstood by the industry... we don't talk over the intros of the songs ... we have great respect for the music we play... and for the listeners!. I have utmost respect for the company... COX is by far the most professionally run company I've had the pleasure to work for... it's the only company that's run like the big boys in the big cities... you feel like you're in New York or LA when you work for these guys!”
Posted by Bob Wilson Jr at 4:41 pm (PDT) on Fri June 24, 2011   
Anyone remember a New York DJ (for a short stint) who called himself "Johnny Dark"? I had drinks and dinner with him and a mutual friend back in the middle 1960's at a great NY restaurant called "La Scala", whose bast-known patron at the time was Joe DiMaggio. The clams oreganata appetizer they served there were out of this world and I returned there many times to have them served to me. All I needed to sustain me were the clams and some great garlic bread.
Posted by Duff at 3:20 am (PDT) on Sun September 6, 2009   
I listened to Murray the K's "Swingin' Soiree" on WINS most evenings in the early '60s. He developed his own Pig Latin-ish language called "Me-a-zurray" (as in "Ce-a-zan ye-a-zou de-a-zig e-a-zit be-a-zaby?"). I never did understand why he called his listeners "submarine race watchers", though.

He had a fondness for Frank Sinatra's music, and I think he organized an annual Sinatra marathon at WINS, where they'd play nothing but Sinatra until Frank himself would call in and say "that's enough". Historical accounts I've read disagree, but I think that in 1964 this marathon went on for a month, Sinatra never called, and all the listeners left for rockier pastures like WABC and WMCA. WINS then switched to the all-news format it airs to this day.

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